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Welcome to the UC Page.   This page lists and briefly discusses the Markless Astronomics accessories which work on the Obsession UC line of telescopes.   For more details, click on a photograph below to connect to the webpage which describes the item more fully.

The UC Obsession and most other truss tube big Dobs typically are delivered in a basic telescope configuration, depending upon the options which have been ordered with the telescope.   Most of the accessories described on this page are not redundant to the optional equipment ordered and delivered through Obsession Telescopes.   For other telescope brands, you will need to check your telescope to determine if you need a particular accessory.   Please feel free to contact me for assistance.

Following is a list of items applicable to UC Obsessions.   As in all cases, check your scope to determine if you need them.   Bold items are considered must-have accessories to complete your basic telescope.   You can get one of mine, or fashion something of your own for those two items.

Markless Astronomics Accessories for the UC:

(Scroll down to see the items listed here and click on a photograph for product details.)

  • Fan Connection and Switch Kit
  • Spider Wiring Kit for UC (SWK-UC)
  • DSC Stalk II Model 203
  • Markless TeleGizmos™ cover for DSC Stalk
  • Netbook Stalk II or Tablet Stalk II
  • Big Dob Dewbuster Bracket (BDDB Bracket) for UC
  • Power Distribution Bar (DB3, 4, 5, DB3S2)
  • UTA Power cable – to get power from the rocker box to the UTA
  • Heavy Duty Battery Cable Kit for PGB equipped scopes

  • FCS1 OR FC2S1 – this is the Fan Connection & Switch Kit.   It connects the primary mirror fan wires to a switch and RCA terminal mounted on the fan mounting plate. A 3 ft. RCA cable from Radio Shack (SKU 42-2366) is needed to complete the circuit to the Power Rail.   The FCS1 is needed because when the telescope comes from the factory, the fan wires are not connected to anything.


  • Spider Wiring Kit for UC – this accessory conducts external power from the edge of the UTA to the Astrosystems Dew Guard on the secondary mirror.   Without this kit, or something similar, a dew heater on the sceondary will have to be powered with a 9V battery, which is an ongoing, expensive power source.   The SWK pays for itself fairly quickly and eliminates the danger of a 9V battery falling onto your primary mirror! SWK

  • DSC Stalk II for UC (Model 203) – this is an equipment stand that mounts on the rocker box.   It is designed to hold safely an Argo Navis at waist height.   Its cables plug directly into the installed connection board which is mounted on the UC rocker box when equipped with a ServoCAT.
    DSC Stalk II

  • TeleGizmos solar cover for DSC Stalk II.   This is a custom made cover for Markless Astronomics and fits the DSC Stalk II.   It protects the DSC Stalk from rain, dew, dust, and UV light.   It is ideal to use at a star party or in an observatory where the DSC Stalk is left installed on the telescope.

    DSC Stalk Cover

  • Netbook Stalk II – this is another equipment stand that mounts on the rocker box.   It is designed to hold safely a Netbook (mini-PC) about six inches higher than the DSC Stalk shelf.   A PC can be configured to control a telescope equipped with digital setting circles (DSC) (Push To), or with a ServoCAT and DSC combination (GoTo).

    Netbook Stalk II

  • Big Dob Dew Buster (BDDB) Dew Heater Controller Bracket.   The BDDB bracket, shown here and available from Markless, is needed to mount the controller on the UTA.   Comes with mounting screws.

    BDDB Bracket.

  • Distribution Bar (DB3, 4, 5, DB3S2) – The DB3S2 shown here can be a great addition for powering a MallinCam and a LCD monitor.


  • UTA Power Cable – this is a new offering!   It is an 8 ft. long RCA Phono cable which conducts power from the rocker box (typically the Power Rail on a PGB which is part of a ServoCAT system) with the UTA (typically to a Distribution Buss and/or the input of a dew heater controller).   This heavy duty cable has a gold plated RCA Phono plug on each end and an in-line 10 amp fuse and spare. UTA Power Cable.

  • Heavy Duty Battery Cable - This #8 conductor cable drastically reduces voltage drops in the power cable from the source to the telescope.

    Heavy Duty Battery Cable.


    Charles Starks, Charlotte, NC

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