See:   Tablet Stalk II and III™ (Product #1) Tablet Stalk for tablet computer

Information: Typical Power System for a Truss Tube Dob Telescope (block diagram)[click this line]


This is our 12th year producing and selling accessories for Obsession Telescopes and other Big Dobs online and is the home of the original DSC Stalk! The website is often updated with appearance and content changes, so check back for new additions.

Scroll down this page for an index of Accessory Products and Services.   The accessories you see primarily are enabling accessories; i.e., they either make setup and tear down easier, or they make the observing experience more enjoyable or efficient, or both.  

Services include ServoCAT installation , Ground Board Repair, Glatter Sling Installation, and DSC Encoder Assembly Repair.   We have installed ServoCATs on Obsession classics and Obsession UCs, as well on Starmasters, Discoverys, TScopes, and homebuilts!

We have outfitted many Obsession UC15s, 18s, and 22s.   See our UC page for Markless Astronomics accessories that fit the UC! (click here).

Feel free to e-mail me with questions about products, shipping, how-tos, etc.   I respond to e-mail continuously, often within minutes of when it is received.   I can also accept your telephone call.   E-mail me privately for the number to call.   Want a custom accessory built?   Contact me and let's discuss it.

Ordering Process:   Email me with selected items identified.   I will respond with a total cost and payment options.   S&H costs depend on location.   Multiple item orders result in lowest S&H.   Additional information (e.g., telescope size, equipment installed, etc.) often is needed.   Write for assistance at any time.

Contact information: (due to a deluge of spam emails, my email address is disguised slightly.   I apologize for the inconvenience.)

Email:  cs(at)marklessastronomics dot com   (copy and paste in your email software and replace the (at) and dot with the appropriate symbols.)

Shipping Information:   Please click on the following link for information about shipping methods, cost, and business terms - a must read for international customers.

Shipping:  Click on this Link for shipping information.

We have been busy as indicated by the past 60 days sales activity!   Thank you to all of our customers!   If you have a requirement, contact us at info (at) marklessastronomics dot com.

Typical two month Sales and Shipments~

  • 7 DSC Stalk II Model 201
  • 1 Tablet Stalk III
  • 2 Tablet Stalk II
  • 1 ServoCAT Holding Bracket
  • 4 Spider Wiring Kit (2 for UC)
  • 1 Battery Bracket
  • 2 FCS1
  • 1 FC2S1
  • 2 DB5S2
  • 1 DB4S2
  • 4 DB3S2
  • 2 DB5
  • 1 Basic Power Kit
  • 4 UTA Power System
  • 1 UTA Cable (for UC)
  • 3 BDDB Bracket (1 for UC)
  • 3 Cable-Stop
  • 4 Field Battery Box Kit (3 with voltmeter)
  • 6 Custom cables
  • 1 Glatter mirror sling and installation


    Products: (click on desired product)

    1. Tablet Stalk II™ by Markless™ Astronomics   NEW!   Supports tablet computers.

    2. DSC Stalk™ II by Markless™ Astronomics (over 875 in use!)    

      *    Just like the Original version, but featuring the Moonlite Clamp

      *    Models for ServoCAT Gen1/Gen2 and Gen3, Classic Obsessions, Obsession UCs (15, 18, 22), LightBridge, and Other Big Dobs

    3. Netbook Stalk II™ by Markless™ Astronomics  

    4. Astro PC-Podium™ by Markless™ Astronomics

    5. RCPM™ by Markless™ Astronomics     DISCONTINUED    

      *    Remote Controlled Power Module

      *    Fits almost any big Dob with a rocker box and 2 inches clearance to mirror box.

      *    Models for Classic Obsessions, Obsession UC 22, and Other Big Dobs

    6. Cable-Stop™, by Markless™ Astronomics - NEW!!!   Stop your drive cable from unspooling.

    7. Sling Extension Assembly, by Markless™ Astronomics - NEW!!!   For use with a Glatter Sling on an Obsession Classic.

    8. DSC Stalk Sandwich Kit, (DSC-SK) by Markless™ Astronomics

    9. Markless Covers, by Markless™ Astronomics   -   Protect your investment.

    10. Markless™ ServoCAT™ Holding Bracket - Now Available in BLACK!

    11. Markless™ Battery Bracket - Now Available in BLACK!

    12. Markless™ Counterweight for Obsession Telescopes® (over 75 installed)

    13. Spider Wiring Kit™ for Obsession Telescopes™ and other Big Dobs  

    14. Big Dob DewBuster Bracket (BDDB Bracket)™ for Obsession Telescopes™ and other Big Dobs  

    15. Power Distribution Bar™  

    16. Fan Connection™ Kits  

    17.  Battery Box Kit  

    18. UTA Power System  

    19. UTA Power Cable  

    20. PIM™ by Markless™ Astronomics    

      *    Power Interrupt Module

      *    Fits any almost any big Dob with a rocker box and 2 inches clearance to mirror box.

      *    Models for Classic Obsessions, Obsession UCs, and Other Big Dobs

    21. Basic Power™ Kit for non-PGB Equipped Scopes  

    22. Heavy Duty Battery Cable Kit for PGB Equipped Scopes  

    23.   Teflon Pad; Cables, Connectors, Plastic Hole Liners, etc. for DSC Stalk™ connections 


    Services: (click on desired service)

    1. DSC Encoder Assembly Repair - NEW!! ... by Markless™ Astronomics

    2. Glatter Sling Installation ... by Markless™ Astronomics      

    3. Field Installation of ServoCAT™ and ServoCAT,Jr.™ ... by Markless™ Astronomics
    4. for Obsession® - Starmaster™ - Discovery™ - Others

      Special modifications possible.

      Email me for a reservation: cs(at)marklessastronomics dot com

    5. Ground Board Repair


    Just for Fun: Meet "Dolly K.", the Markless Astronomics clone of an Obsession 12.5"

    (click on link)


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